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The Latest News on Legislation is listed on this page. Please click on any bill to see its status. Bills for the 2021 special session are posted below. These are the bills of interest to car hobbyists. You may click on any bill link to learn more about that bill and its status.

  • HB 1774 Tangible personal property taxes;classification of certain motor vehicles, trailers, & semitrailers.

  • HB 1778 Removal of clutter from property; civil penalty.

  • HB 1796 Special license plates; Virginia National Guard retirees.

  • HB 1797 Special license plates; certain military declarations; fees.

  • HB 1813 Highway construction by state or local employees; limit.

  • HB 1828 Commissioner of DMV; powers and duties during a declared state of emergency.

  • HB 1828 Commissioner of DMV; powers and duties during a declared state of emergency.

  • HB 1832 Virginia Highway Corporation Act; alteration of certificate of authority; powers and duties of SCC.

  • HB 1840 Issuing citations; certain traffic offenses.

  • HB 1841 Crosswalk and sidewalk design.

  • HB 1846 License restrictions for minors; use of handheld personal communications devices.

  • HB 1850 Motor vehicle weight limits; vehicles powered primarily by electric battery power.

  • HB 1854 U.S. Route 29; county manager plan of government.

  • HB 1861 Compression release engine brakes; use of brakes in localities.

  • HB 1868 Commercial driver's licenses; disqualification for life from holding license, human trafficking

  • HB 1871 Motor vehicles used for the delivery of property; trade dress.

  • HB 1886 Electronic titling; fleet.

  • HB 1887 Titling and registration of foreign market vehicles.

  • HB 1901 Online Virginia Driver's Manual course; training school.

  • HB 1910 Creation of regional transportation authorities.

  • HB 1918 Student driver safety.

  • HB 1926 Central Virginia Transportation Authority; membership

  • HB 1938 Destroying or tampering with firefighting or emergency medical services equipment and vehicles.

  • HB 1960 Vehicle registration; special communication needs indicator.

  • HB 1965 State Air Pollution Control Board; low-emissions and zero-emissions vehicle program.

  • HB 1979 Electric vehicle rebate program; creation and funding; report.

  • HB 2026 Vehicle window tinting.

  • HB 2069 Special license plates; military decorations.

  • HB 2071 Transportation funding; statewide prioritization process; resiliency.

  • HB 2075 U.S. Route 1; "Loving Memorial Highway."

  • HB 2076 Motor vehicle sales and use tax; definition of sale price.

  • HB 2077 Driving while holding a companion animal.

  • HB 2096 Special license plates; NOT FORGOTTEN.

  • HB 2102 Special license plates; SPEARHEAD TRAILS.

  • HB 2106 State highways, bridges, interchanges, etc.;

  • HB 2118 Electric Vehicle Grant Fund and Program; creation, report.

  • HB 2119 Student driver education program; parent participation exemption.

  • HB 2122 Golf carts and utility vehicles; Town of Ivor authorized to allow operation on highways

  • HB 2146 Parked cars; VDOT right-of-way.

  • HB 2163 Motor Vehicles, Department; limits the release of privileged information to government entities.

  • HB 2245 Use of transportation funds.

  • HB 2248 Department of Motor Vehicles; personal information requests; fees.

  • HB 2256 Local authority; parking.

  • HB 2260 Vehicle registration fees; Public Safety Trust Fund.

  • HB 2261 Special license plates; member of the Virginia National Guard.

  • HB 2262 Traffic regulation; bicycles.

  • HB 2284 Driving privileges, certain; Commissioner of DMV to reinstate privileges and waive fees.

  • HB 2294 Odometer disclosure exemption.

  • HB 2318 Test driving vehicles; residence districts; civil penalty.

  • HB 2334 Damage to motor vehicles; penalties.

  • SB 1126 Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads; change in membership.

  • SB 1130 Personal property tax exemption; motor vehicle of a disabled veteran.

  • SB 1136 Special license plates; removal.

  • SB 1139 Animal-drawn vehicle equipment.

  • SB 1160 Removal of vehicles and cargoes involved in accidents; liability.

  • SB 1169 High school student parking passes; valid driver's license or driver privilege card required.

  • SB 1182 Motor vehicle liability insurance coverage limits.

  • SB 1195 Motor vehicle insurance; underinsured motor vehicle.

  • SB 1211 Vehicle registration fees; Public Safety Trust Fund.

  • SB 1213 Driver's license suspensions; restricted licenses; drug offenses.

  • SB 1229 Special license plates; DUCKS UNLIMITED.

  • SB 1263 Traffic regulations; bicycles.

  • SB 1282 Greenhouse gas emissions inventory; regulations.

  • SB 1284 Commonwealth Clean Energy Policy.

  • SB 1306 Pedestrians; interference with traffic; penalty.

  • SB 1335 Learner's permits; use of personal communications device.

  • SB 1337 Golf carts and utility vehicles; County of Westmoreland.

  • SB 1347 Motorcycles; auxiliary lighting.

  • SB 1364 Commonwealth Transit Ridership Fund; creation.

  • SB 1374 Carbon Sequestration Task Force; report.

  • SB 1380 Electric utilities; electric school bus projects; report.

  • SB 1386 Enforcement of private tolls; vehicle registration.

  • SB 1452 Special license plates; SPEARHEAD TRAILS.

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