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Check out the Viking Bags and other websites, Born Tough, and Elite Sports

Member Councils

Car Club Council of Hampton Roads

Car Club Council of Central Virginia

Virginia Peninsula Car Club Council

General Assembly

Legislative Information System Home

General Assembly Home

Code of Virginia

License plates for antique motor vehicles - State Law

Property Tax Exemption for antique motor vehicles classified as household goods

Antique motor vehicles are classified as household goods and cannot be taxed unless the locality taxes all household goods

Titling and registration of replica vehicles - State Law

Right to keep inoperative vehicles on your property - State Law

Cities and Counties cannot charge for stickers/local registration fee on antique vehicles

Antique vehicles exempt from exhaust law

Motor vehicle recording devices - "black boxes" - State Law

Bill Tracking

General Assembly Members/Committees

Find Your Legislators

If you are building a car, truck, bike or considering modifying one you should check out the state law requirements. You can see them all by going to www.vsp.state.va.us/Safety_AntiqueVehicle.shtm or click on the links below to the Code of Virginia.

46.2-1014.1. Supplemental high mount stop light.

46.2-1038. When turn signals required; exceptions.

46.2-1039. Requirements of turn signals; regulations.

46.2-1048. Pollution control systems or devices.

46.2-1055.1. Windshield defroster or defogger.

46.2-1055. Windshield wipers.

46.2-1056. When safety glass required.

46.2-1057. Windshields.

46.2-1069. Brakes on motorcycles.

46.2-1082. Mirrors.

46.2-1088.1. Hood scoops.

46.2-1092. Safety lap belts or a combination of lap belts and shoulder harnesses to be installed in certain motor vehicles.

46.2-1049 Exhaust system in good working order.

Other Organizations


Coalition for Auto Repair Equality

Historic Vehicle Association

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