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Car Club Council of Central Virginia
The CCCCVA was founded in 1995. Currently there are 44 member clubs and organizations plus individual (associate) members. The goals of the council are to provide communications between car clubs, monitor legislation that could affect the car hobby and provide members of the council with information so that they can have a positive influence on auto-related legislation.

Clubs, organizations and individuals are invited to become members of the council. The council meets the last Monday of the even numbered months at various local restaurants. There is a special legislative meeting each January. Dues are only $10 per year. Members receive the monthly newsletter, "The Relay." The newsletter is also available online at the council website. The council maintains two websites including an addendum site. The main site includes a monthly newsletter, hobbyist news including SEMA's Driving Force newsletter, hundreds of photos of area car shows and lots more. The addendum site contains thousands of old show photos and some old newsletter articles. If you wish more information about the council you should contact:

Visit the CCCCVA website at: www.carclubcouncil.com

Other contact information:
15628 Rowlett Road
Chesterfield, VA 23838
Phone: 804-590-9583

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