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Virginia Peninsula Car Club Council
The Virginia Peninsula Car Club Council (VPCCC) was established to support Automobile Clubs and Auto Enthusiasts in the Virginia Peninsula and surrounding region.

Your Watchdog Group on the Virginia Peninsula
The Virginia Peninsula Car Club Council (VPCCC) is a non-governing body and maintains a not for profit status. VPCCC is an association of car clubs and car enthusiasts that have joined together for a common purpose. One reason that this formation has come together is to create a voice for the hobby at the local, statewide and national level; particularly in regards to legislative matters. In 1999 Newport News enacted codes that infringe upon your right as an auto enthusiast to keep and maintain recreational automobiles. In 2000 Hampton City tried to quietly push inoperative vehicle legislation on its citizens, without regard for the automotive hobbyists. A few key car enthusiast stepped up and as a result, a focus group was formed and a fair and viable solution is now being presented to the council for code changes. Virginia Beach has made it unlawful to do any repair work or maintenance on your vehicle on your own residential property unless inside an enclosed building out of sight from the public. This means you cannot so much as change your oil inside your garage with the door open. Unfortunately this type of legislation will continue at all levels of government. The general public enjoys seeing antique and classic cars at shows and parades in the community. We as car enthusiasts enjoy presenting them and are working hard to keep the hobby going. We will work to preserve these rights.

Membership Advantages:

  • Interface of Municipalities with Car Enthusiasts and Local Clubs.
  • Awareness of Legislation and Issues Pertaining to the Automotive Hobby.
  • Organization of Club Events and Functions.
  • Access to the Resources on the VPCCC Website. [www.VPCCC.org]
  • Promotion of a Good Public Image for the Automotive Hobby.
  • Car Club Support with Structuring, Membership, Activities, Newsletters, and Bylaws.

Which Automotive Event Do You Want To Attend?
What if you had a car show that no one attended? If you just had some help with publicity. Any successful event is well planned and part of that planning is coordination with other clubs and their events to prevent any conflicts. As a member of VPCCC we maintain a calendar with events of members clubs as well as automotive showings sponsored by municipalities and other community organizations. This planning is done at the monthly VPCCC meetings where many clubs are represented. Flyers can also be distributed to club delegates at this time. The calendar is posted on our website www.vpccc.org and updated whenever we receive word of an event. Organization of multi-club get togethers are also planned with the aid of the VPCCC. It's amazing how fast your show calendar fills up when you are an informed member of VPCCC.

Please contact the council president for meeting times and location.

If you wish more information about the council you should contact:

Visit the VPCCC website at: Virginia Peninsula Car Club Council

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