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Welcome to the website of the Virginia Association of Car Councils. VAACC is the parent organization of the car councils and car club councils in Virginia. The purpose of the VAACC is to help car hobbyists communicate with each other especially on legislation that could affect our hobby in the State of Virginia. VAACC provides information on state legislation so that hobbyists can contact their representatives and influence legislation that affects the car hobby.

Car clubs, businesses and individuals may join an area council and thereby be included under the umbrella of the VAACC. The four car councils members are:

You are invited to join a council in your area. Information about the four councils is on the Members Page. You can make a difference if you join with others that share similar views on car hobbyist legislation. Car Councils helped rid the state of a clunker law, expanded the rights of antique vehicle owners and have fought for legislation that aids the car hobby and against legislation that would injury the car hobby. The large numbers of state hobbyist that belong to the car councils have helped us influence legislation.

Please take a look at the Legislation Page and see what legislation is being considered that may affect the car hobby in this state.

Thank you for being a concerned citizen and car hobbyist.

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